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Microsoft Tools für ISA Server 2004

Firewall Client Tools for ISA Server 2004 12. Juli 2004
Use this tool to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Firewall Client for ISA Server 2004.

FwcTool.exe provides a set of command line options to specify the ISA Server computer that Firewall clients should use, and to set automatic discovery settings and Web browser settings on the client computer. It provides diagnostic tools to test the availability of ISA Server and auto detection mechanisms, and a print out of Firewall client configuration settings. Using the tool, you can apply settings for all users on the Firewall client computer, the current user, or for a particular application.

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Firewall Kernel Mode Tool for ISA Server 2004 12. Juli 2004
FWEngMon.exe is a tool you can use to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys).

Use this tool to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys). A set of command line options provide a way of looking at low-level driver activity, at a specific point in time. View connection and creation elements, open and close firewall access for a specified IP address range, print information about specific connection elements, and filter lists. Export output to an XML file.

FwEngMon.exe provides a way of looking at some of the elements of the kernel-mode driver, to help you understand what’s going on at the low-level drivers, at a specific time. The first part of the document describes how to use the tool. In the section Useful Information, you can read more about kernel-mode driver elements.

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Remote Access Quarantine Tool for ISA Server 2006 06. August 2006
Use this tool to prepare ISA Server installed on a computer running Windows Server 2003 as an RQS listener component. This version replaces any previous versions of the tool.

Quarantine control holds remote access client computers in quarantine, after authentication, until their configuration settings are validated. Two software components provide a mechanism for quarantine control. The Remote Access Quarantine service (Rqs.exe) runs on the ISA Server 2006 computer as a listener component. Remote Access Quarantine Client (Rqc.exe) runs on the remote access client computer as a notification component, informing the Rqs.exe listener component running on the ISA Server that the client computer complies with security policy.

The Remote Access Quarantine Tool (ConfigureRQSForISA.vbs) automatically prepares your ISA Server computer as an RQS listener. ConfigureRqsForISA.vbs creates the following:

• RQS protocol definition on TCP port 7250.
• Access rule allowing RQS traffic.
• Registry entry for the RQS service, and an entry to ensure that RQS event messages display correctly in the Event Viewer.
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CacheDir Tool for ISA Server 2004 26. Juli 2005
Use CacheDir.exe to view real-time cache contents, save cache content to a file, and mark obsolete items that should not be served from the cache.
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MSDEToText Tool for ISA Server 2004 26. Juli 2005
Run MSDEToText.vbs to display the contents of your MSDE Firewall and Web Proxy logs on screen, or write log contents to a text file.
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ISACertTool for ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition 20. Juli 2005
ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition uses a Configuration Storage server as a storage mechanism for enterprise and array settings. ISA Server array members must be able to connect to a Configuration Storage server, and in the following scenarios certificates are required to authenticate this connection:
• When ISA Server computers are not installed in a domain (workgroup mode).
• When ISA Server array members are part of a domain that does not have a trust relationship with the domain in which the Configuration Storage server is located.

Certificate configuration is done during ISA Server Setup, but if you want to change configuration settings after installation, ISACertTool.exe helps you do the following:
• Install a server certificate on the Configuration Storage server.
• Install a root certificate on each array member to indicate that it trusts the Certification Authority that issued the server certificate.
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RemoveAllNLBSettings Tool for ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition 20. Juli 2005
ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition provides NLB functionality as follows:
• Use ISA Server to configure Windows Server 2003 NLB functionality in integrated mode using ISA Server Management. Integrated mode provides NLB unicast mode, with additional functionality including array integrity maintenance, multi-networking, and monitoring.
• If ISA Server integrated NLB mode is disabled, configure NLB for Windows Server 2003 using NLB Manager. This mode provides no specific benefits of ISA Server load balancing.

RemoveAllNLBSettings.cmd is useful in the following circumstances:
• If configuration NLB in integrated mode fails because of old NLB settings.
• If NLB does not function properly after uninstalling ISA Server.
• If disabling integrated mode and enabling Windows NLB in non-integrated mode fails because of old NLB settings.
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ISA Server 2000, 2004 und 2006 Management Pack for MOM 2005 12. September 2006
The ISA Server Management Pack monitors ISA Server events and alerts. With detailed alert information you can quickly identify and troubleshoot ISA Server issues, minimizing time-to-resolution when problems occur. Collect and analyze performance trends and metrics. Performance information allows you to manage bottlenecks, identify capacity requirements, and proactively manage your ISA Server configuration to resolve issues before problems occur.
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ADAMSites Tool for ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition 29. März 2005
When you create a site, you distinguish between different parts of the network. Servers in different sites require different replication strategies. Same site replication (intrasite replication) is assumed to have high connectivity and is optimized for speed. Cross site replication (intersite replication) is assumed to have less connectivity and is optimized for bandwidth. You can use the AdamSitesPack.exe tool to create and configure ADAM sites.
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ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool 22. November 2006
The ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that automatically performs specific tests on configuration data collected on the local ISA Server computer from the ISA Server hierarchy of administration COM objects, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes, the system registry, files on disk, and the Domain Name System (DNS) settings.

The resulting report details critical configuration issues, potential problems, and information about the local computer. By following the recommendations of the tool, administrators can achieve greater performance, scalability, reliability, and uptime.
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